This may seem like a weird concept. But many psychologists, mystics, scholars and teachers believe that creativity is a direct link to "THE SOURCE". The creator. The never-ending creative spirit that only wants happiness and joy for us. The energy field that is constantly creating and allowing us to feel whole and complete when we too are a part of this process. Whether by planting a garden, creating a new fashion look, drawing , writing and so on ! I hope to share with others my ideas, creativity and spiritual energies . I believe when we share our creativity with each other, we are in a state of perfection. Zen. Harmony. We are feeling our true calling. Not what our Parents told us to feel or be, nor our spouses, nor society. But what our souls truly desire.
I am looking forward to sharing my creativity with others. We are ALL geniuses. We are all beautiful and whole, just as we are. By following our hearts, we are following what the Source intended for us, which is to simply feel good. Feel God! Here's to feeling our true inner goddesses singing! Dancing! Living and Loving life-as intended!
" When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, " I used everything you gave me. " Erma Bombeck

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Tough Being a Queen

 So many times in life I have put another person "on a pedestal ", above me. Better than me or smarter than me. Prettier than me and more talented than me. More than Me, period. Why do we do this ? A friend in this crazy thing called life recently reminded me that we are all of the same Light. We all come from the same source and there is no heirarchy within this light. It just IS. Pure. Equally bright and equally dim all at the same time. Suddenly life has gained a shiny and new perspective when I heard that for the first time painted in that way. No one lives above me, nor below me. We all live in the same light :)

Then, if you flip the notion over, I have often found myself on the "other side of the coin". High and Mighty. Judgemental . One who needed  to judge others in order to feel better about myself. It is a lonely place to be, for sure. No one can live up to Perfection's standards. Not even the Queen herself. Kind of an enigma, huh. Maybe a Queen Has to be a Queen to feel OK. But, as all Queen's eventually do, they fall. Stumble and make their court angry.  I'll remain a sun-soaked serf  today ;)
These last images are so awesome !
I found them at
They are part of a series by AlexandFelix, called Thirteen Queens.
They are photographed using NO computer imaging !!!
How creative and cool is that ?

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